Friday, 19 July 2013

Whim 4: Tie Tutorials continued

I have completed my hybrid design and made my Dad his birthday tie. The fabric may look a little garish and old fashioned in the pictures, but actually is lovely and has in it lots of my Dads favourite colours (or at least ones he gravitates towards when choosing clothes - so I hope it will go with at least one of his shirts!)

I was following two tutorials for this (The Purl Bee and Puking Pastilles) but both had positives and negatives about their designs and tutorials so I had to mash them together to get what I wanted. I found that The Purl Bees pattern was too short and skinny (not generally what my Dad goes for) and the Puking Pastilles one didn't fit together properly when sewing the front and the middle pieces. Therefore I decided to use the Purl Bee pattern with some length and width adjustments to make it more traditional and less"skinny".  

I also decided to use the Purl Bees method of just lining the bottom parts of the tie as I found lining the whole lot made it too bulky. Having said that I used a machine to stitch them in place rather than hand sewing as this had turned out ok when making the Puking Pastilles design, and there is already a lot of hand-sewing in this project!

I also used the Puking Pastilles method when sewing my tie together - only folding over one side of the tie and overlapping it with the other side (see hastily drawn picture below!) as I found it easier. 

So, there you have it - the method I propose is a really mixed hybrid of both of these great tutorials- and it seems I am not alone. After completing my tie and looking for the links to the tutorials I have added here I found  this blog (Pins and Bobbins) which makes pretty much the same conclusion and uses the same mixed method - which gives me the feeling that we've both made the right decisions!


  1. Hi Kim,
    Your tie is gorgeous! Is that a Liberty print you used? I really need to make the hubs a few more of these.
    chelsea (pinsandbobbins)

    1. It's not liberty print - although I think it is trying to be, same weight and feel as tana lawn. I actually got it very cheap from my local market (bargain!).