Monday, 12 August 2013

Whim 10: Fabric Challenge 1, part 2 - Clamshell bag

Part 2 of today's fabric challenge completed and here is the result - I'm calling it the "clamshell" bag because it has a puffed circular bottom. This isn't strictly a tutorial post as the tutorial I followed ( is from a Dutch site and as the tutorial is in a PDF I couldn't translate it - I used the couple of pictures available to start me off and then made the rest of the process up.  The pattern was also for a really small childs bag and I wanted this to be bigger so I drafted my own pattern. 
The result is pretty successful although there are several things I will change before I make this again to try  and perfect it:

Body:   I think the sides are a bit wide so I will make it slimmer and slightly longer in the body - and secondly I will make a separate pattern for the front  (the tutorial used the same for front and back) so that I can dip the front edge to make it easier to get things out of the bag and for the flap to close more smoothly.
Button Fastening: Before I made the bag I thought I would have a buttonhole on the flap that went directly onto the main part of the bag. However when I had made the bag up I decided that there was too much space under the flap and to move the button underneath. This meant that I had to sew the button fastening to the already sewn together flap - rather than placing it into the seam (see diagram), leaving me with a small patch inside the flap - this looks ok, but is not ideal. 

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